Upcoming Events

Jan. 7/2017-O’Hanlon’s Irish Pub, Regina (M.Meehan Solo). 9pm, Free

Jan.17/2017-O’Hanlon’s Irish Pub, Regina. 11pm, Free

March 2/2017-The Capitol, for BluesFest, Regina. 9 pm, Free

March 3/2017-The Artful Dodger, Regina. With TBA. 10pm $10

Past Events  

Jan. 12/2017- The Artful Dodger, Regina (M.Meehan Solo). With Megan Nash. 9pm $10

Jan. 7/2017-The Mercury Cafe, Regina. With Badluck Jonathan, Hoodoo. 9pm $10

Dec. 30/2016-O’Hanlon’s Irish Pub, Regina. With Library Voices. 11pm Free

Dec. 17/2016-World of Trout, PopShop. With Herb and the Humans. 10pm

Dec. 9/2016-O’Hanlon’s Irish Pub, Regina. With Silent Sea. 11pm Free

Dec. 1/2016- Cloud 9 Live, Regina. With The Venus Extraction. 10pm $10

Nov. 26/2016- Cloud 9 Live, Regina. With The Venus Extraction. 10pm $10

Oct.20/2016-The German Club, Regina. With Meisha and the Spanks, Herb and the Humans. 10pm $10

Oct.19/2016-Durty Nelly’s, Regina. With Mauno. 10pm, Free

April 22/2016- The Mercury Cafe, Regina. With The Jumpoff, Padlock Jonathan, Seed. 9pm  $10

Feb. 10/2016-The Artful Dodger, Regina. Live on 11th CJTR Radio live, with Radville. 9pm

Nov 26/2015-The Artful Dodger, Regina. Live on 11th CJTR Radio live series 9pm

Nov 14/2015- The German Club, Regina. With Micah Visser and French Press. 9pm $10

Aug. 14/2015- Victoria Park, Regina, Trifecta Music Festival, 9pm

June 5/2015-The King George Hotel, Weyburn SK.  with Hello Lady and Gunner. 19+, $10

May 14/2015- The German Club, NoiseFest Regina- 8pm $10

April 20/2015- The Club (Regina Cultural Exchange)-2431 8th Ave. Regina 8pm $5- With The Bolans, The Rock Band Called Time, Son Howler

April 25/2015-The Habitat-248 Leon Ave. Kelowna, BC, 8pm-Okanagan Humane Society benefit concert- With Aaron Gordon, The Drifters

May 1/2015- The Rock Bottom-834 Broadway Ave. Saskatoon, SK. 8pm- With A Day As Wolves, Black Vienna

May 9/2015-MOJO Club-8pm-With League Of One

May 12/2015- The Artful Dodger-1651 11th Ave. Regina, SK. 8pm-With A Day as Wolves

July 11/2015- Stampede Calgary, Silverado Community BBQ- Calgary AL. 10am

March 28/2015- Fernandos, Kelowna BC, with A Day As WolvesMarch 26- The Artful Dodger, Regina, Trifecta Concert Series Part 3

March 19/2015- The Exchange, Regina, SK. Part of The Wolf Rocks “Queen City Rocks” series 7:30 pm

February 15/2015- The Artful Dodger, Regina SK with Death By Robot 7:30

January 17/2015- The Streaming Café, Kelowna BC, 8:00 pm with Jason Frick (lives stream of the show from

January 10/2015-The Artful Dodger, Regina SK, 7:30 pm with Herb and the Humans and the Venus Extraction